Why teenagers and millennials are addicted to Gucci Read more

Why teenagers and millennials are addicted to Gucci

Teens and millennials adore Gucci.At the first 3 quarters of 2017, around 55 per cent of Gucci’s earnings were made to consumers younger than 35, as shown by a report by consultancy firm Bain & Company last October. Back in April, research analysts at Piper Jaffray conducted a poll of 6,000 teens across the USA […]

As one of the shoe’s subtle accents, the tan midsole color – previous all-white GT-II’s usually featured all-white mid- and outsoles – matches that of the heel logo stitching, while branding on the tongue tab is executed in a soft grey. Meanwhile, the insole pops in bright-red. Over the years, the GT-II has inspired countless colabs and limited editions, including a brick red “Bricks und Mortar Pack” GT-II for Highs and Lows store and Summer 2015’s Suede Pack. Not to forget most recently, November 2016’s ASICS Tiger × mita sneakers GT-II “SQUIRREL”. But as it stands, this all-white drop is one of the cleanest editions yet. The ASICS Tiger GT-II All White Soft Leather retails for €109.95 online and in-store at Overkill and other specialty retailers. Read more

ASICS Tiger GT-II All White Soft Leather out now

ASICS Tiger brings back the ASICS Tiger GT-II,  which is in an all-white colorway and has a soft leather upper. The classic runner silhouette looks sleek and understated in white-on-white leather panels – complemented by tonal laces – on a light crème midsole. The tan midsole color which is one of the shoe’s subtle accents […]

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Saint Laurent Y Matelasse Monogram Bowling Bag

The ‘Y’ in the Alphabet has been taken by Saint Laurent. Because it has become very clear in the fashion world. But what if the French luxury fashion house creates a ‘Y’ quilting and embellished it into a handbag? Is it great? Well, a new Matelassé Quilting has been made. It’s called the Y Matelassé […]

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Chanel Oversized Quilted Backpack

Today ,just meet the new Chanel XL Quilted Bag.  Although the Chanel XL Quilted Bag is not featured on Chanel’s official website, but it should be considered in your plan-of-purchase or your-next-shopping-spree plan. Now here’s what we know: It’s a new backpack from Chanel with brand-new design, so nothing similar has ever been done in […]

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Sass in the City: Your Perfect 2016 Fall Wardrobe

There is no mystery, looking hot all about confidence and have to flaunt what you got. We get it though: some days you’re not feeling it and you need a little boost. That’s why we want your clothes to do the talking. Your 2016 fall wardrobe is all about sassy little outfits that show your personality. […]

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What Fits: Céline Trio Bag

One of the most important things to consider is what will fit inside when you want to buy a bag. Of course we care about the aesthetics and the quality, but the main purpose of a handbag is to carry things. Sometimes I end up with a bag that is a bottomless pit, while other […]

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PurseForum Roundup – National Handbag Day 2016 Edition

We live in exciting times, purse lovers, because we are building up to Monday’s celebration of National Handbag Day! We thought it would be fun to visit and revisit some of our favorite fabulous bag threads on the PurseForum. National Handbag is October 10, and even if you are not in the United States, please celebrate with […]