Gucci’s Off The Grid sneakers sex up sustainability review

Sustainability is a small buzz word in the realm of fashion at this time. Together with the ecological catastrophe looming, a growing number of manufacturers have come to the realisation that the carbon footprints they create by producing and peddling endless product for a worldwide audience is no longer ecologically tenable.
Gucci, under the aegis of all-seeing creative director Alessandro Michele, has been among the very first global super brands to select the issue of sustainability truly badly.
In 2017, the Kering-owned label banned real fur from all its product lines and in the end of last year the label’s CEO Marco Bizzarri announced that the brand he helms alongside Michele had achieved the much-coveted standing of carbon neutrality for the very first time in its 99-year history.
Now, in its most recent step in the fight against climate change, Gucci has established the genderless Off The Grid collection.


There are GG monogram-adorned holdalls made from Econyl — a cloth made from recycled fishing nets and disused nylon — there are caps completed using chrome-free tanned leather patches and there are camping-style backpacks supplied with recycled metal hardware particulars.
Most exciting from our perspective, however, is the wide array of Off The Grid sneakers, which form the foundation of this collection. Finished with Econyl uppers along with a tag stating that none of those elements in the shoe are produced from animal products, the sneakers are a take on the brand’s classic tee 1977 shoe and are available exclusively in traffic cone orange, acid lemon and inky black.
And it is not just Off The Grid clothing, shoes and accessories which are getting the sustainable treatment — for the first time, each of the packaging for the set is FSC-certified, meaning you can sashay around town (when we’re fully allowed to sashay back ) secure in the knowledge your new shoes did not a fish, shrub or miniature baby seal harm (add heart attention emoji).