Increase height and get fewer achievements than usual

The actual problems do come if you’re attempting to max out your height gain and also wish to maintain severe height inclusion without it looking odd in more formal clothes — someone like myself moves all the time to get a 4″ or 5″ inclusion, and a really formal situation in which you wear what numbers to completely horizontal fine shoes is rather a shock!

I have thought of this a lot and I feel that even if you frequently go for, say, 4″ on a daily basis, you will find dozens of different styles of what are known as in some niches’apparel shoes’ in up to 3.1″ (8cm).


When you look at these shoes you are going to realize that they offer a height increase that’s obviously less than the 4″ I get day to day with my cheapest ones…but it is not THAT much less — it is not like dropping from a 4″ to just an additional inch-and-a-half. It strikes me that it is worth having a pair unless your lifestyle is that you really never will want to wear a pair of dress shoes.

And in case you truly are THAT bothered at losing the inch from 4 to 3, then you can tuck in a little lift too!

A PS on Cuban heel boots

Btw this is an intriguing point about Cuban heels — they make a lineup that is wonderful to trousers etc and look great, BUT they don’t include as much height as you could think. The cause of this is that although there’s a heel, the adding of height reduces as does the thin sole. In addition to the important fact your own heel sits directly on this 3″ heel with only a very thin piece of only in between. Unlike most boots where there’s a much thicker layer, needless to say.


What this means is that you get about as much elevation as you gain by a pair of Timberlands that are normal! This is not much understood, because you will observe the heel and think”they MUST add height”. Yes they do, however, of the height you’re gaining is visible and there’s none of those sole that is normal that you get from other boots or shoes that are even. Along with the small problem with this is that it may LOOK like you’re currently adding height by wearing heels. Whenever you are not really! It is a matter of taste of course but it means that you gain height that is less than you get from the lifts that are lowest and it LOOKS as if you’re adding height — for the majority of us that’s the reverse of that which we wanna attain.