How high can I go day to day?

It’s a vital question to deal with,”how high can I go?’ — at the office, with mates etc.. Get it right and you will never have any issues. And it’s about lifestyle and various scenarios in your life, in addition to your existing height. I have spent over 15 years and I know new things about it.

The first point I have to make is no uncertainty in an perfect world you’d like to jump directly into 5″ lift dress shoe (“hell, so why not they perform 6″ — or even MORE?!”) . You wan na t be tall as possible.

But practical considerations dictate that in some situations if you truly go that height, you sacrifice another aspect of fashion…and the total appearance is then incorrect.


There are aspects of the and a few of these relates to the clothing you wear — daily, at night, lightly, on weekends. These are really significant.

The most common of the potential problems is, as an example, when wearing a suit or formal pants/ trousers. Suits pretty much always demand a certain type of shoe (or contemporary boot design ), however stylish. By and large, great clumpy boots and clear soled shoes seem all wrong. And with heavy boots plus a lawsuit, a risk is that it LOOKS like you’re currently adding . The material tends to hang incorrect and you are flashed up at by the boots.

My Shanghais are excellent with jeans or in my leathers on the bike (and I adore that extra inch of elevator dress shoe, oh boy). I would really like to have the ability to gain 5″ instead of 4″ when I wear something similar to this suit. But I can’t, because unless that thick’Doc Martens + suit’ appearance is in fashion as well as other men are all wearing it (and sometimes it is, hooray), it just seems all wrong. Go with the stream, accept it. It’s only a inch.