Great achievements that height shoes may achieve.

Think carefully about a long term plan with height inclusion — imho this entails, at the long run, a few pairs of lifts, and lifts in things. Our lives are different. What is yours? Do you need to wear dress shoes frequently? Can you wear sneakers and boots (because I do)? And on that basis be realistic about what you could achieve. BUT if I were to have to get apparel on the odd occasion for a suit (wedding ), then I’ll need to shed somewhat. But I can STILL be sure in advance that I am in a position to gain the max either both, or through lifts or elevators. Planning helps.


Always realize that a small amount of (unnoticed) height addition functions: no matter what your height shoes, an extra couple or few inches actually does make all the difference. That is not a bad thing since you do not WANT people to notice you are’taller’ and they will not when you begin your journey upwards. This is a great thing and is testimony to the way unobservant about gradual change we’re. Within my adult life I have essentially added 5″ over the years, starting with lifts up to a 3″ total maximum then on to lifts and not a single individual has noticed.

Ignore bizarre or uninformed comments on websites: the people who tell you Elvis is still alive are telling you that your feet fall off within days if you look at a set of elevators. Irrespective of opinions from people like myself or PR on sites selling elevators, there’s hardly any actual help on the market, and you will receive none from ill informed spirits screeching their prejudices and jealousies online. Many people who set themselves up as experts also give misleading advice (usually unintentionally and because they do not really know). The only way through all this (as I did it) is with a little bit of trial and error and patience. Mistakes are made (I made loads), so what? Be certain that they are mistakes and containable.


Adding elevation is fun, like it: this is really important and I will do a bit on it in some point. It doesn’t get said . It really is NOT some effort. Enjoy the extra inches you gain, and do it with confidence , but you do it. Always remember practicalities, don’t push it and’find your feet’ with height addition take it slowly and carefully upwards. I am given a buzz by being much taller.