Tarte Sculpted Cheeks Amazonian Clay Blush Set & Brush

Tarte Sculpted Cheeks Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set & Brush ($35.00 for 0.20 oz.) includes four, deluxe-sized blushes and a synthetic, blush brush.

The Amazonian Clay Blush formula is supposed to have 12-hour wear along with a “supremely soft” texture. There’s a lot to like about Tarte’s formula, as it is softer (sometimes dusty), blendable, and fairly smooth with good pigmentation, but for me, I rarely get 12-hour wear–I do get between 8 and 10-hour wear, though. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that the blushes in the set were representative of the quality of the regular formula. The blushes are disappointing; two of the four were so stiff that I had to scrape off layers of product to get enough product to transfer and show on the skin as a swatch.

tarte sculpted cheeks setGenius is a muted, medium rosy mauve with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was incredibly powdery and dry to the touch, which resulted in a color that sheered out too easily on the skin and did not want to stick to the skin evenly. It seemed to brighten on my cheeks, almost like when a matte powder darkens on the skin due to the natural oils. It lasted for seven hours on me (which is a far cry from 12).Tarte Irreplaceable (LE, $28.00) is brighter (95% similar). Too Faced Your Love is King (P, $26.00) is more shimmery, darker (95% similar). Tarte Fetching (LE, $28.00) is more shimmery (95% similar). Colour Pop Cruel Intentions (LE, $8.00) is less glossy (95% similar). Tarte Amazed (LE, $28.00) is lighter, more muted (90% similar). Estee Lauder Pink Ingenue (P, $34.00) is lighter, brighter (90% similar). Tarte Icon (LE, $28.00) is lighter, cooler (90% similar). The Estee Edit Purr Pink (03) (P, $28.00) is lighter, warmer (90% similar). theBalm Houndstooth (P, $22.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). NYX Mauve (P, $5.00) is lighter (85% similar). Chanel Crescendo (250) (LE, $45.00) is lighter, brighter (85% similar). NYX Dusty Rose (P, $5.00) is lighter (85% similar). Tarte Live (LE, $28.00) is lighter, warmer (85% similar).

tarte sculpted cheeks set

Royal is a muted, rosy brown with subtle, warm undertones and a satiny sheen. It had such a stiff texture that made it difficult to use at all; I could not get product to transfer on my brush, and I could barely get any color to transfer after jabbing a finger in the pan–I had to scrape off layers of product to loosen it from the pan, which is what I used for swatches (both on my arm and on my face). Without scraping and mangling the powder, it had next to nothing for color payoff and not enough product to blend or diffuse across my cheeks. It lasted for eight hours on me. Makeup Geek Puppy Love (P, $10.00) is darker, more muted (90% similar). Surratt Beauty La Vie En Rose (P, $32.00) is brighter, warmer (90% similar). MAC Ven Conmigo (LE, $22.00) is warmer (90% similar). Laura Geller Roseberry (P, $28.00) is more shimmery, cooler (90% similar). MAC Corol #2 (LE, $22.00) is warmer (90% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Plum Ombre (LE, $55.00) is lighter, warmer (90% similar). Tarte Unearthed (LE, $28.00) is warmer (90% similar). bareMinerals The Guest List (LE, $22.00) is warmer (85% similar). KIKO 105 Dark Rose (P, $12.00) is more shimmery, darker, cooler (85% similar). MAC Animal Instincts (LE, $22.00) is darker (85% similar).

tarte sculpted cheeks set

Vibrant is a bright pop of orange-coral with warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. The consistency was soft, just a bit dusty, but blendable and sat well on the skin. It had more of a natural matte finish when blended on the skin, so it didn’t look dry or flat applied. It had good pigmentation as well. On me, the color wore well for just over eight hours. KIKO 108 Orange Coral (P, $12.00) is more shimmery, darker, more muted (95% similar). Tarte Mod (LE, $28.00) is darker (90% similar). bareMinerals Swoon (LE, $19.00) is lighter, warmer (90% similar). MAC Lured to Love (LE, $27.00) is more shimmery, lighter (90% similar). Tom Ford Beauty The Afternooner (Blush) (LE) is darker, more muted (90% similar). Milani Coral Cove (05) (P, $8.99) is darker (90% similar). MAC Passion for Colour (LE, $22.00) is darker, warmer (90% similar). MAC Sideshow You (LE, $22.00) is cooler (90% similar). Colour Pop Tongue Tied (LE, $8.00) is darker, brighter, warmer (85% similar).

tarte sculpted cheeks set

Pop is a bright cotton candy pink with neutral-to-cool undertones and a semi-matte finish. This was the other shade that had an incredibly stiff, firm texture; I had to scrape away at the surface of the pan to dislodge enough powder to show swatches or to use it, but what powder was dislodged was softer and more finely-milled than Royal, so I did not have any issues with applying or blending out the color once I was able to pick up product with my brush. It lasted for eight and a half hours on my cheeks. Tarte Surreal (LE, $28.00) is lighter (95% similar). theBalm Argyle (P, $22.00) is brighter, cooler (90% similar). Tarte Whimsy (LE, $28.00) is lighter (90% similar). Urban Decay Temper (LE) is lighter (90% similar). Tarte Flush (P, $28.00) is lighter, more muted (90% similar). Kevyn Aucoin Shadore (P, $37.00) is lighter, more muted (85% similar).

Sculpted Cheeks Brush

Sculpted Cheeks Brush is a larger cheek brush that flares from the ferrule to a rounded edge. It looked more like a highlighting brush than the average blush brush, but it definitely works for applying cheek color. It had a lot of spring, and I would say floppier than desired for precise cheek color application. I liked it more for blending or using with something very sheer than applying a pigmented blush, as it seemed to apply in a very large area. The brush itself was fairly soft and wasn’t prickly or scratchy when I tried to use. I didn’t experience any shedding or issues after washing it a few times, but my experience with is limited. The brush head was 24.28mm in width, 48.15mm in length, and 24.28mm in thickness. It had a total length of 6.50 inches / 16.5 centimeters.